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Allanah is an Intuitive, Healer, Mace Practitioner,
Facilitator, Author & Mentor

Trained MEM (Mace) Practitioner, Counsellor, Facilitator and Intuitive, I want to co-create with you an amazing life, with more energy and creativity to live the life of your dreams,

Imagine having more energy, absolute knowing how to create the life of your dreams? Do you have lots of goals this year? Eager to live life fully? If you are a leader, entrepreneur, free spirit, creative, uplifter would you like to have me as your support team? Would you like to eat clean, eat green, throw off the old patterns of thought that no longer serve you, speed up healing in the body and allow more wellbeing, relaxation and transform your life, then I extend to you the invitation to accelerate your life into effortless and creative freedom with me.

Wherever you are at now, together we can reveal the real inspired you!

"Allanah is incredible, she was able to quickly and calmly open me up to this new persepective of healing and at the end of the session, I was left with a very enlightened and surprised state of mind. Going in as a skeptic and coming away with a totally new outlook on life and healing. Allanah's teachings and methodology are amazing. I cannot give enough praise" Glenn F 2014

If you are passionate and committed to doing more of what you love, then contact me now. Say yes to transformation. Life is the process of evolvement and transformation. Every challenge is a a chance to turn sorrow into gold, uncertainty into knowing. Every upset in life can be turned into Positive Energy.

I extend to you the chance to accelerate your life into effortless juicy living!


Do you have unwanted feelings? Negative Feelings? Feelings control our lives!

Mace Energy Method (MEM) is profound and simple
at putting you back in charge of your life and feeling great!

For more personal attention over a period of 4 months choose: Co-creation Mentoring



"MEM - Mace Energy Method, changes everything! It has been a simple tool that has worked and continues to work for me in managing all areas of life and energy.
It is a game changer!"
— Allanah Bahnsen