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Take the journey into Alchemical Mastery in the online learning centre alongside personal mentoring.

Alchemical Mastery is an encoded program specifically designed to en-lighten and reveal to you, inner truth and wisdom about all energy systems. I am sharing with you the knowledge of how I understand and see the energy fields around me, from the ground up to spirit and through to integration of all frequencies with your amazing physical body, that is the ultimate expression of divinity. The program is provided online hand in hand with personal mentoring. Coming into this program will open more awareness of life realities as energy fields, it will lift your vision, heal your body and engage your senses, so that you are equipped with ‘how to’ knowledge to interpret energies.

Whatever your starting point, this program will enhance your healing gifts, talents and skills. This program will evolve your senses whether you are an aspiring healer, lightworker, healer, life coach, nurse, doctor, counsellor, therapist or a people person. If you care about your relationships, people and creating, you will love this program.
As a sovereign being, you are a co-creator with spirit and the conscious energy fields. There are many forms of consciousness, matrixes, paradigms, identities and structures in which you and I interact as we breathe. My desire is to teach you how to radiate love energy and allow new flows of loving energy and create new dreams of energy that supports your precious life experience.

Enchanting stories of the past hold ancient wisdom about powerful, magical Alchemist’s that have lived throughout history. These stories are no myths. The stories are encoded with insights and reassurance that among us dwell people who have known how all things work. You and I are the modern day Alchemist’s. Intimate knowledge about your powerful being-ness is within and about to emerge. You are the one you’ve been waiting for. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Level One - Enlightenment Matters deals with matter, basic principles, body, emotions and relating. Building blocks to the basics of all energy work and healing.

Tips and insights from the program:


Self Study 9 topics
1 topic per week – 9-12 weeks to complete
then review program for another 12 weeks at your learning pace
$47 x 3 payments


Self Study 9 topics with Feedback
+ monitoring your progress
1 topic per week – 9-12 weeks to complete
then review program for another 12 weeks at your learning pace

Certified Completed Certificate



9 Topics with Feedback & Mentoring
1 topic per week – 9-12 weeks to complete
then review program for another 12 weeks
3 Personal Sessions

Certified Completed Certificate


Apply to all 3 Option levels:
Building Block topics;
Overview, Understanding Energy, Clearing Techniques, Auras & Chakras, Emotional Mastery, Relationships –what happens, Healing Principles, Belief Systems and Scanning Deeper.

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
9 Modules of Learning
Videos +
Audio Interactive
3 Personal
Mentoring Sessions
You Can Love You
Book - PDF

Move onto
Level 2

Move onto
Level 2

Refund Policy: No refunds will be issued for Option 3 Alchemical Mastery Program.

Level One; En-lightenment Matters covers all that is ‘matter’.

Here’s to your happiness and love energised life x