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Once you taste of the Divine, you become an addict for life. Nothing else will ever satisfy your hunger in the same way. John O'Donohue, Poet & Author

Join in the fun and love! Discover creative power and expression. Meet and connect to new friends. We are looking forward to seeing you!


Energy Awareness Workshops

Learn how to manage your energy and the field of energy around you. Learn about the emotional body, auric field, and the mental field. Value yourself highly in love and compassion to live your purpose in true power. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience, open up to joyously loving every moment as a authentic being.



Energy Awareness Workshops

1 pm - 4 pm $80
Register your interest

Conscious One Members $45

Please register your interest via Contact us


Reiki Workshops

Reiki I Intiation and Workshop - Dr. Usui 3 Levels
$50 Registration through PayPal
Offering: $290
Conscious One: $120

Reiki II Initation & Workshop
$50 Registration
through PayPal
Offering: $350
Conscious One: $150

Reiki is an ancient art of unconditional love. Learning Reiki empowers you to calm & heal yourself and others. I welcome you to this year's Reiki I & II initiation and workshops.

Rei means Universal
Ki means Life Force

Valuable for therapists: Reiki is as a complimentary therapy and assists in 'shifting' sabotages and emotional blockages in your clients.

Loving initiation into the Usui System
Hands-on practice
Balance Chakras
Receive Lineage & Certificate

email: admin@balancedbeing.com.au or phone 0432 568 552 to secure your place.

It is ideal to commit to 21 days of practice after Reiki 1 and clearing after the course. Min .5 to 1hr per day for 21 days.

"Lovely and uplifting. Allanah, I felt love and trust the moment I met you. Thank -you" Nadine Welke

"My experience of love continues to grow" Carly Warburton

It will be a love filled, heart opening weekend.