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Mace Energy Method (MEM) Session

Live out loud, live free from negative attachments and unwanted feelings, Turn upsets into Positive Energy

As feelings control our lives, an MEM session will change how you feel instantly, leaving you in charge of your life and living your dreams. MEM is a conversation that does not require any self disclosure. It is a revolutionary method facilitated by the MEM Practitioner. You will feel your own joy, freedom and peace of mind. All sessions come with our MEM guarantee.

MEM Sessions are equally effective by telephone or using Skype.


Time Zone: Qld Brisbane
For International Callers: Sessions available weekdays from 8am
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"Thank you so much Allanah, Today's session was particularly moving for me, I have been searching for so many years to find somehow or someone who could help me get rid of what was cleared out today! The work I am doing with you is transforming my life so rapidly and profoundly, it is the most effective self development work I have ever done! I feel so much lighter, words cannot describe!!! Eternally grateful!!!!!" Todd Lee

Conscious Relationships


Suitable for Individuals & Couples - Counselling and Mediation

Co-creating Mentoring

$180 per fortnight

I am looking for Leaders, Free Spirits, Entrepreneurs, Free Thinkers, Uplifters, Waysayers, Creatives, The Inspired and Inspiring, who want to be co-creating together for real change. Are you the one? Want to feel good all the time? You want to feel good, lit up now as if you were feeling how you want to feel as you arrive at the outcome? Want inspired mentoring to support you in what you want to feel and be doing! This can be you! Want to be free to spontaneously break into a dance move because it thrills you and live the life of your dreams?

Go for it! Click if your body is just saying Yes all round!

Access profound and simple MEM (Mace) in weekly sessions, creating joy and ease in all areas of life. Personal Mentoring is in person in Surfers Paradise or via Skype Sessions. Have exclusive access to all Allanah's Meditations, Hypnosis Library and other learning resources. Min time frame is 4 months. email Allanah


"Your work and processes over 12 months have made the difference to my life. Powerfully confusion is gone, I am not overwhelmed by fear. I am free to shape my future" Carly W

You are the one Program

$99 per month for min. of 12 months

You are the one you have been waiting for! This do the hustle with heart. Get the support and tools you need to get your inspired idea and purpose in full swing. This is a 12 month freedom plan.

Access MEM Sessions, Hypnosis, your own inspired creativity and new thought streams that will lift and transform you, as well as get the whole audio library here at BBHH, and a personal session every 4 weeks. Ask for more info email Allanah

Intuitive Reading

$95 for 30mins

Cannot yet see what you are needing to see? Would you like some insight and clarity? In under 30 mins you will have your answers and clear direction.

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Hypnosis for Relaxation and Visualisation


Clinical Hypnotherapist

Get the best preparation for the mind and body to achieve an amazing outcome. Be effective in study, get those exam results you deserve, shine at interviews, find peaceful relaxation, and receive the best preparation for medical operations for ease of recovery and know thyself even more!

Read More about Hypnotherapy

Reiki Healing

$80 for 60mins

Reiki Master & Teacher

Reiki is hands-on helaing frequency that works with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It is a beautiful experience boosting your personal growth and self awareness. Has to be experienced to be understood. Gentle and powerful.

All sessions available in person, via skype or phone