The Mace Energy Method (MEM)

MEM - A Paradigm Shift In Counselling Techniques

Want to feel more energetic?
Want to feel empowered and free to make decisions in your life?
Want to feel free from body and emotional pain?
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In a MACE ENERGY METHOD session, you the client locate and dis-create the negative energy that is influencing your emotions and preventing you from realising your goals.

There is no Self-Disclosure required, just some simple mental exercises and no advice given. The attitude is one of that: Each Individual in their free state of awareness, knows what's best for themselves.
Once the negative energy in the your life is discreated within minutes during the session, you will know what to choose or do and be aware of how the negative energy has been in effect.

Mace Energy Method gets to the cause of the negative energy, quickly and simply.

It has to be experienced to be believed!

The entire aim of Mace Energy Method is to assist people to be in control of their lives
and live their own dreams. You will feel more energy, more confident and in charge of your life, even after one session. Some clients only need one-two sessions for permanent change, others use Mace Energy Method as an ongoing tool in enhancing their optimal performance in human potential and eliminate any stress in life for optimal physical and emotional wellbeing. Once you know about this Method, you will wish you had found it sooner. It is the most amazing experience!

Mace is a truly interesting therapy. Do check it out. My experience was one session with Allanah and something switched in me. In one uncomplicated session, I had profound affects. What I loved was that is it free of self disclosure. Sure beats a lifetime of traditional therapy. Helga Del Mundo

MACE covers areas of life such as: All and any Upsets, Trauma, Addictions, Relationships, Productivity, Efficiency, Sporting Performance, Injuries, Body & Health Issues, Life Purpose, Experiencing Self, Confidence, Fears and Phobias, Decision Making, Learning Challenges, Medical Trauma,
Pre-Op and Post Op Support for Optimal Recovery.

The Mace Energy Method Mission Statement is:
To assist people to be in control of their lives
and live their own dreams.







Turning Upsets into Positive Energy


The Mace Energy Method comprises practical tools to enhance human potential and importantly eliminate negative emotional feelings and inadequacy. It is a model based upon the human mind and the human spirit. It recovers your emotional wellbeing and psychological health by eliminating stress that underlines many physical health issues. You will find a remarkable improvement in health, energy, wellbeing and confidence.

The Mace Energy Method is an
endorsed / recognised therapy by:

MEM is unique in its simplicity and only requires one or two sessions that can also be carried out over the telephone. It is as effective over the telephone or skype as it is in person.

The method is effective on all age groups including children.

Imagine being free of limitations and hidden blocks that hold you back?

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Allanah Bahnsen
Certified Advanced MACE Practitioner IACP

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Having begun his working life as a mariner, John Mace is an extraordinary man with an awesome intellect. In this book he explains in simple terms the scientific and philosophical concepts that underpin his work and takes readers on a journey of discovery as they follow these concepts through to their logical, and fascinating, conclusions.

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About the Founder John Mace

Having begun his life as a mariner, John Mace spent 50 years researching science and philosophy that underpins his method.
He investigated many alternative therapies and modalities and trained as a counsellor, but after 25 years of relying on the writings and research of others, he knew he hadn’t found the answers he sought.
The simplicity of spiritual awareness made John realise that if life itself is simple and uncomplicated, the real ‘cures’ for unhappiness must also be simple and uncomplicated.

His spiritual experiences made it clear to him that the high aesthetic qualities such as happiness, enthusiasm, love and honesty are inherently normal in all sentient beings. After another 20+ years, the Mace Energy Method had evolved and John began training students in 1998.
He is principal of The Head Training Academy in Perth, West Australia, where he also works as a Mace Energy Method Practitioner / Trainer