Heart Space

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Vision for ‘Heart Space’ engage…simplify….expand

To converse in love and from heart. Showcasing mesmerizing guests who themselves are living and creating from their heart, leaders who are making the difference, being the difference. Heart Space will enlighten you to know that the moment your heart opens there is an understanding, a Heart shift first then followed by a Mind shift. The call of our souls & heart, empowers us to blaze a path of change in consciousness. My desire is to connect with you in heartfelt communication & truth. Through opening hearts, we expand consciousness. Your heart is sacred; engage it.

Heart vs Ego with Roz Clarke www.rozclarke.net.au

Heart Relationships & Parenting with Roz Clarke

Forgiveness from the Heart with Ana Holub www.anaholub.com

Creating your Life from Heart with Jennifer Hoffman www.enlighteninglife.com

Disempowerment to Empowerment with Kimberly Key www.encompassWF.com

Fields of Grace; Living as Wisdom's Consort with Stephen Victor www.stephenvictor.com

Timeless Heart Expression with Linda Sivertsen www.dreamitgreen.com

Creativity & Collaboration with Simone Moore www.nimueoak.com.au

Authentic Heart Expression with Robert Rabbin www.robertrabbin.com

Travelling Heart of Compassion with John O'Sullivan www.irish-poet.com

The Divine Feminine with Stephen Victor www.stephenvictor.com

Living on Purpose from a Global Heart Space with Michele Newport onelife-uhe@harmonyplanet.org

Mind v Heart; Thoughts v Feelings with Marcel Klasen www.marcelhealingandhypnosis.com

The Emergence of New Heart Leaders with Victoria Wilding www.victoriawilding.com