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Relaxation, stress management, weight loss, hypnosis, stop smoking MP3 downloads

Guided Meditation (Download Audio)

Guided Meditation Audio
  • Breath Meditation
  • Word Meditation
  • Receive a Bonus Audio-Forgiveness Meditation
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Chakra Balance Meditation (Download Audio)

  • Balance your 7 main Chakras
  • Re-energise your Body & Mind
  • Relaxation & Stress Management
  • Bonus Audio 'The World of Chakras'
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Ideal Weight  (Download Audio)

Ideal Weight Audio
  • The supportive mind solution to achieve your body's Ideal Weight
  • 12 mins of Hypnosis to create in your mind your vision of weight loss
  • Weight Management and lower your anxiety about your Body Image
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'Relax'  (Download Audio)

Relax Audio
  • An essential item to have in your library of tools
  • 10 minutes of Hypnosis for Relaxation
  • Therapy for your Stress
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'Effective Exercise' (Download Audio)

Effective Exercise Audio
  • MP3 Audio to listen to while exercising or moving your body
  • Effective Mind Focus to reshape your body
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Stop Smoking 'freshchange' (Download Audio)

Stop Smoking freshchange Audio
  • 1 x Hypnosis Audio to quit smoking
  • 1 x Hypnosis Audio
  • Lower stress and anxiety in your body as you quit
  • Experience the fresh change
Buy MP3 Audio $17.00