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Looking for peace, happiness, vitality, creativity & personal power ...

Intuitive, Healer, Mace Practitioner, Facilitator, Author, Coach, Alchemist & Love Angel

Trained healer, counsellor, therapist, I want to support you to be happy and successful in all pillars of life; physical, mental, emotional, relationships, prosperity, career pursuits, business and spiritual aspects.

Whatever the challenge; relationships, self love, self awareness, creative expression, esteem, health, difficult circumstances, life purpose, communication strategies, decision making, study and learning habits, manifesting, resolving conflict and power struggles, financial stress, trauma & grief, depression, addictions, business or career dynamics, sexual expression... let's clarify what it is and dis-create the unwanted effects.

This is the process of evolvement and transformation. Every challenge is a a chance to turn sorrow into gold, uncertainty in knowing, harmonise our hearts and minds and get ourselves out of the box we've created.

I extend to you a chance to accelerate life and its learning curves now into effortless living, revealing the real, creative, fresh, free, vibrant you, now.

Looking for solutions and simplicity in life? I offer Mace Energy Method sessions, personal mentoring, empowering workshops, online learning programs and creative facilitation in group environments. Resolution and Innovation is available across personal to business, sales to sports, therapists to healers, artists to lightworkers.

Creative Juices Session & Free to Be - Group Facilitation - Business Solutions

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"MEM - Mace Energy Method, changes everything !It has been a simple tool that has worked and continues to work for me in managing all areas of life and energy.
It is a game changer!"
— Allanah Bahnsen

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